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Friday, 23 November 2012

Tiffany Is All Tingly (702) 478-1558

I had one of the best clients ever last night, and I’m still all tingly just thinking about it.  This girl had just moved to Las Vegas and was just too shy to meet many people.  I was kind of surprised that she’d called a Las Vegas escort since she said she just wanted someone to talk to all night and wasn’t really sexually interested in women.  She was in her 20s, with long blonde hair and legs that went on forever under her short skirt.  We did hang out for a long time just talking and drinking red wine, but I could tell just by the electricity in the air that she most definitely liked touching other women.  I moved a little closer to let her know I was into her, too, and all it took was one soft, long kiss on her delicious lips to loosen her up.  She said no other woman had ever excited her like I did, and certainly no man ever had.  She said it was like her whole body became liquid when it was against mine, and that she loved the feel of my perfect tits rubbing against hers and my hands everywhere on her smooth body.  This was one sublime seduction!