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Friday, 23 November 2012

Bianca's Amazing Night And Girl (702) 506-0958

Last night was totally amazing. I love doing what I do and Las Vegas makes it much more fun. I accepted a request from this really hot woman to escort her around town and we had a really good time. She was here for a two day business trip and wanted me to take her out before she left. She wanted to go to the strip clubs so I took her to the strip clubs. She couldn’t help but get turned on at the sight of all the pretty women. I loved the fact that she couldn’t keep her hands off me. We eventually left the strip clubs and went dancing. We danced and danced. I must say, we were the hottest girls in the place. When she couldn’t take anymore, she let me take her back to her hotel room. She said she was tired and needed to lie down to relax. I gave her a better option. I gave her a Las Vegas massage. I have never heard the moans come from a woman than I did last night. She was hot and let me know she was bothered. We ended the night with a lot of moans.