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Friday, 23 November 2012

Rose and the Young Guy (702) 478-1603

This really young guy was here in Las Vegas for a week-long conference, and said he wanted to experience something besides 6-hour meetings and boring business dinners at least once while he was here.  He said he’d never hired a Las Vegas escort before and didn’t know what to expect.  His girlfriend back home was apparently pretty uptight and didn’t want to try new things too much.  He said he’d always been interested in BDSM but was too afraid to even bring it up with his gf.  I could tell he was a sub, and didn’t waste any time ordering him to sit at the desk chair while I fastened his hands behind his back with his own tie.  He was already hard by the time I had his belt and was slapping it in the palm of my hand while I circled his chair and called him filthy names.  Now this was a man who truly enjoyed being a very bad boy.  I kept telling him he was a filthy pervert for staring at my tits and ass and for what he wanted to do to my pussy.  We both enjoyed hours of torture and pleasure that night!