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Friday, 23 November 2012

Karen Is Wild By Nature (702) 299-6875

This client I had the other night had just moved to Las Vegas and was lonely and just feeling kind of out of it.  His neighbor was having a huge party, and he didn’t want to show up without a date for the night.  He wasn’t kidding about the party being huge – this guy must have had 200 people just in his living room, and the party just kept getting wilder by the minute.  There were a ton of people in the pool, too, and there’s nothing I love more than being wet on a hot desert night, so I just handed him my drink and got right in fully clothed (well, if you want to call the tiny dress I was wearing fully dressed).  He couldn’t take his eyes off my rock hard nipples poking through my dress, and neither could anyone else, even the other girls in the pool.  As a Las Vegas escort, I’m always up for anything, and didn’t waste any time starting to make out with two other hot girls in the water while he and everyone else stood there and watched.  Pretty soon about 30 people were naked in the pool, including my date, and the night just got hotter and wetter from there!