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Friday, 23 November 2012

Nina Takes It Easy (702) 506-0952

This really nervous guy called me up last night.  I could tell he’d never had any Las Vegas escorts before the way he was stammering, even after we’d been sitting at dinner for a while.  He was an engineer here in Las Vegas, and I guess he was more comfortable around machines than people.  I’d never had a guy so tense, and I just wanted to make him feel better more than anything in the world.  He was trying so hard to maintain eye contact and make small talk, and I figured I would just take this night up a notch and get this guy at ease.  I slipped off one of my high heels under the table and started to rub my bare foot against his calf.  He turned beet red and dropped his fork.  Then I told him to tell me more about his work while I kept rubbing my foot higher up his leg.  By the time I hit home, I could tell his tension was of a different kind!  Thank God his room was close by, because he could barely walk with that hard-on.  Let’s just say I worked out his nerves and he was the most relaxed he’d ever been in his life afterwards!