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Friday, 23 November 2012

Jody Loves Her Red Hair! (702) 505-8386

I just love proving what they say about redheads.  And I actually got a fiery one to match myself just last night.  This lady called me and said she’d never hired a Las Vegas escort before, and that in fact she’d only been with a woman once and it was a long time ago and she was too drunk to remember much.  I love the newbies!  I told her to just relax, put on some music, and that I’d be there in an hour.  She opened the door and I couldn’t believe how hot she was.  Red hair like mine down to her shoulders and bright blue eyes.  I could tell she was nervous, but I had her at ease in no time as I started to rub her creamy shoulders and whispered in her ear how pretty she was.  She said she loved men, too, but had been craving the softer touch of a woman for years since that one experience that she wanted to relive, only sober this time of course.  I’ve been with a lot of women during my time in Las Vegas, but this experience blew my mind.  It was just so tender and sensual, and she looked so much like me it was like making love to my twin.