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Friday, 23 November 2012

Stacey Loves Entertaining (702) 478-1556

So this new client called me up and asked if I did “his and hers sort of things.”  He couldn’t have picked a better date than me for a night with a very special “third wheel!”  I love entertaining just guys, of course, but I find it really exciting when I get to date a man and a woman together.  I showed up at their room and holy shit they were both hot!  They were both real estate agents here in Las Vegas.  They said they’d never hired a Las Vegas escort before, but had tried one in LA and it didn’t work out very well.  So of course I was excited to show them how it’s done!
They seemed a little nervous, so I had them both lay back on the king size bed and just relax while I cranked up the tunes and started up a strip tease.  Neither one could take their eyes off me, especially when I got down to just my white thong and heels.  Then I got on the bed in front of them and really started grinding.  I asked the woman if she wanted the first lap dance, and that was just the beginning of a night none of us will ever forget!