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Friday, 23 November 2012

Bianca's Amazing Night And Girl (702) 506-0958

Last night was totally amazing. I love doing what I do and Las Vegas makes it much more fun. I accepted a request from this really hot woman to escort her around town and we had a really good time. She was here for a two day business trip and wanted me to take her out before she left. She wanted to go to the strip clubs so I took her to the strip clubs. She couldn’t help but get turned on at the sight of all the pretty women. I loved the fact that she couldn’t keep her hands off me. We eventually left the strip clubs and went dancing. We danced and danced. I must say, we were the hottest girls in the place. When she couldn’t take anymore, she let me take her back to her hotel room. She said she was tired and needed to lie down to relax. I gave her a better option. I gave her a Las Vegas massage. I have never heard the moans come from a woman than I did last night. She was hot and let me know she was bothered. We ended the night with a lot of moans.

Tiffany Is All Tingly (702) 478-1558

I had one of the best clients ever last night, and I’m still all tingly just thinking about it.  This girl had just moved to Las Vegas and was just too shy to meet many people.  I was kind of surprised that she’d called a Las Vegas escort since she said she just wanted someone to talk to all night and wasn’t really sexually interested in women.  She was in her 20s, with long blonde hair and legs that went on forever under her short skirt.  We did hang out for a long time just talking and drinking red wine, but I could tell just by the electricity in the air that she most definitely liked touching other women.  I moved a little closer to let her know I was into her, too, and all it took was one soft, long kiss on her delicious lips to loosen her up.  She said no other woman had ever excited her like I did, and certainly no man ever had.  She said it was like her whole body became liquid when it was against mine, and that she loved the feel of my perfect tits rubbing against hers and my hands everywhere on her smooth body.  This was one sublime seduction!

Alisha's Specialties (702) 506-0954

This new client called me up and asked if I did any specialties.  Extreme specialties.  It’s no secret that I’m one of the most open minded and creative Las Vegas escorts out there, and I never disappoint.  I showed up at this hotel in a couple of hours, and he explained that he’d always had an interest in water sports, but had never found any takers.  I’d actually just tried golden showers for the first time a few months ago, and I thought it was one of the most exciting and kinky things I’d ever done.  I could tell from the gleam in his eye that I just like made his whole life by being into it, too.  So we started downing tons of water, and it wasn’t long before we were ready.  His room had a two-person shower with four shower heads – perfect!  I bent over in the corner of the stall to show off my ready and willing ass, and told me to hit me with his best shot, and did he ever!  Then I squatted over him and let it run all over his body.  We took turns all night indulging in showering each other, and I still get horny thinking about it.

Karen Is Wild By Nature (702) 299-6875

This client I had the other night had just moved to Las Vegas and was lonely and just feeling kind of out of it.  His neighbor was having a huge party, and he didn’t want to show up without a date for the night.  He wasn’t kidding about the party being huge – this guy must have had 200 people just in his living room, and the party just kept getting wilder by the minute.  There were a ton of people in the pool, too, and there’s nothing I love more than being wet on a hot desert night, so I just handed him my drink and got right in fully clothed (well, if you want to call the tiny dress I was wearing fully dressed).  He couldn’t take his eyes off my rock hard nipples poking through my dress, and neither could anyone else, even the other girls in the pool.  As a Las Vegas escort, I’m always up for anything, and didn’t waste any time starting to make out with two other hot girls in the water while he and everyone else stood there and watched.  Pretty soon about 30 people were naked in the pool, including my date, and the night just got hotter and wetter from there!

Jody Loves Her Red Hair! (702) 505-8386

I just love proving what they say about redheads.  And I actually got a fiery one to match myself just last night.  This lady called me and said she’d never hired a Las Vegas escort before, and that in fact she’d only been with a woman once and it was a long time ago and she was too drunk to remember much.  I love the newbies!  I told her to just relax, put on some music, and that I’d be there in an hour.  She opened the door and I couldn’t believe how hot she was.  Red hair like mine down to her shoulders and bright blue eyes.  I could tell she was nervous, but I had her at ease in no time as I started to rub her creamy shoulders and whispered in her ear how pretty she was.  She said she loved men, too, but had been craving the softer touch of a woman for years since that one experience that she wanted to relive, only sober this time of course.  I’ve been with a lot of women during my time in Las Vegas, but this experience blew my mind.  It was just so tender and sensual, and she looked so much like me it was like making love to my twin.

Claudia Loves Games (702) 478-3052

I’ve always liked to play games, and this guy Ryan that I met last night totally indulged me and my always dirty mind.  He said he liked a bad girl – a freak on the street and in the bed.  Now that’s my kind of guy and yet another reason I love being a Las Vegas escort.   We went to that new strip club after dinner, and he just couldn’t believe how raunchy I was being with the dancers.  He bought me about 6 lap dances, and I think I was getting as horny as he was with those hot girls grinding all over me, especially when they rubbed their tits all over mine.  I excused myself to go to the restroom, and made sure he saw me making out with one of the dancers as I made my way back to our table.  He said I was the dirtiest girl he’d ever met, and he’s seen a lot in Las Vegas!  When we got back to the car and started driving back up the Strip, it didn’t take him long to find out that I wasn’t wearing panties.  I never do!  I showed him just how bad of a girl I really am before we even parked the car.

Rose and the Young Guy (702) 478-1603

This really young guy was here in Las Vegas for a week-long conference, and said he wanted to experience something besides 6-hour meetings and boring business dinners at least once while he was here.  He said he’d never hired a Las Vegas escort before and didn’t know what to expect.  His girlfriend back home was apparently pretty uptight and didn’t want to try new things too much.  He said he’d always been interested in BDSM but was too afraid to even bring it up with his gf.  I could tell he was a sub, and didn’t waste any time ordering him to sit at the desk chair while I fastened his hands behind his back with his own tie.  He was already hard by the time I had his belt and was slapping it in the palm of my hand while I circled his chair and called him filthy names.  Now this was a man who truly enjoyed being a very bad boy.  I kept telling him he was a filthy pervert for staring at my tits and ass and for what he wanted to do to my pussy.  We both enjoyed hours of torture and pleasure that night!

Nina Takes It Easy (702) 506-0952

This really nervous guy called me up last night.  I could tell he’d never had any Las Vegas escorts before the way he was stammering, even after we’d been sitting at dinner for a while.  He was an engineer here in Las Vegas, and I guess he was more comfortable around machines than people.  I’d never had a guy so tense, and I just wanted to make him feel better more than anything in the world.  He was trying so hard to maintain eye contact and make small talk, and I figured I would just take this night up a notch and get this guy at ease.  I slipped off one of my high heels under the table and started to rub my bare foot against his calf.  He turned beet red and dropped his fork.  Then I told him to tell me more about his work while I kept rubbing my foot higher up his leg.  By the time I hit home, I could tell his tension was of a different kind!  Thank God his room was close by, because he could barely walk with that hard-on.  Let’s just say I worked out his nerves and he was the most relaxed he’d ever been in his life afterwards!

Martina Dates George Clooney? (702) 297-5227

This totally handsome guy, like a slightly darker George Clooney, met me downstairs yesterday afternoon, and I could tell he wasn’t disappointed either when he saw me.  I felt this instant, friendly and sensual connection with him, and I knew we were going to have an awesome date.  He asked me if I ever liked to dress up in costumes.  I was expecting he wanted leather and corsets or that sort of thing, but he said he had a cheerleader outfit in his room and that it would fit me perfectly.  Now I was getting excited, too, because I was a cheerleader in school here in Las Vegas, and I remembered how good it felt in that cute little skirt and sweater jumping around spreading my toned legs and having everyone look at me. 
I practically dragged him out of the lounge and up to his room to hurry up and get started.  Sure enough, it fit perfectly, and I could see by the huge bulge in his pants that he liked how it looked on me.  I started doing some of the cheers I remembered, shaking my tits and ass and loving the way he was looking at me.  I love being a Las Vegas escort…

Stacey Loves Entertaining (702) 478-1556

So this new client called me up and asked if I did “his and hers sort of things.”  He couldn’t have picked a better date than me for a night with a very special “third wheel!”  I love entertaining just guys, of course, but I find it really exciting when I get to date a man and a woman together.  I showed up at their room and holy shit they were both hot!  They were both real estate agents here in Las Vegas.  They said they’d never hired a Las Vegas escort before, but had tried one in LA and it didn’t work out very well.  So of course I was excited to show them how it’s done!
They seemed a little nervous, so I had them both lay back on the king size bed and just relax while I cranked up the tunes and started up a strip tease.  Neither one could take their eyes off me, especially when I got down to just my white thong and heels.  Then I got on the bed in front of them and really started grinding.  I asked the woman if she wanted the first lap dance, and that was just the beginning of a night none of us will ever forget!